WARFARE: Web Application Framework

Web Application Resource For Accessing Relational Entities





The 1.1 release is now stable. This release has many more advanced features and is a much easier framework for extensibility.

WARFARE is designed to be small simple and easily configured. As an application framework it allows you to develop your application without having to get your hands dirty in all that Java code. You should just concentrate on what data you want from your data sources and how you want it to look on screen.

A variety of interfaces to access WARFARE Views including custom page templates, A JSR-168 Portlet or JSP include enable easy integration into existing sites. A flexible plug-in architecture also allows access to many sources of data (See the features page for included plug-ins).

The configuration is database driven and can be administrated almost entirely from within the framework. The ability to place the vast majority of configuration within the database provides scope for making modifications to your applications behavior without the need to re-deploy your applications. Changes can also be distributed throughout your organisation by leveraging on replication within the database back-end if required.

Screen Shots of the Administration screens (that have been written using WARFARE) can be found in the 1.1 User Guide


Progress Update   2007-05-11 14:41
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Release 1.1 SP 1   2006-10-28 03:21
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Release 1.1 Final   2006-01-29 12:31
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Release 1.1 beta 3   2005-08-02 03:34
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