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Currently the user list is incomplete but feel free drop an e-mail to warfare-users@lists.sourceforge.net with some screen shots if possible and I will be glad to include you in this list.

Budgens Supermarkets (UK)


Budgens began using WARFARE in the early 1.0 beta days as a quick method to build an intra-net system for their stores when their intra-net development team knew virtually nothing about Java development.

"Warfare, you've probably heard me and Luke ranting and raving about this, and wondered why - well, its because it is fantastic, it really is. This tool lets the designer extract information from our database , by creating different views that use SQL. The ability of Warfare to expand makes it all the more exciting!"

Screenshot from Budgens
Welcome Flash demo from Budgens help pages
Phone Directory Flash demo from Budgens help pages
Create Document Flash demo from Budgens help pages


Progress Update   2007-05-11 14:41
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Release 1.1 SP 1   2006-10-28 03:21
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Release 1.1 Final   2006-01-29 12:31
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Release 1.1 beta 3   2005-08-02 03:34
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